Academic English Courses

We offer a wide range of courses for university level education. No matter what you are planning to study, or currently studying in English, we can ensure you will be able to find a suitable course.
We have various preparation courses for official English level tests like IELTS & TOEFL as well as GMAT & GRE. We also provide MBA support courses which can prepare you in the best way for your business studies.
You also have the opportunity to train your academic skills like Essay Writing and Proof Reading. We also provide courses on Presentations and Public Speaking to improve your verbal communication skills. There are also courses on Critical Thinking and Statistics Analysis to support you in further areas in your studies.


Test Preparation


We offer courses to complete various official English tests which are required for entry to many universities worldwide.
We also provide an MBA support programme to assist you in your business studies.


Essay Skills


Essay Writing – Proof Reading

You can master your academic essay skills with our courses in Essay Writing & Proof Reading.
We can show you how to write effective essays and develop your own unique writing style.
Our courses can also show you how you can analyse your own writing efficiently as well as other academic texts.



Academic Skills


Presentations – Public Speaking
Thinking – Statistics

We can train your presentation and public speaking skills so that you can gain the confidence you need in verbal communication.
We also have courses on critical thinking to support you during your academic studies and develop you as a leading academic.
There are also courses available on statistics if you require the skills to be able to interpret and assess data effectively.


Our Advantages

The reasons why we’re different

Flexible Times

We are not fixed to any set timetable.
You can choose the times want to
have your lessons with us.


Qualified Native Teachers

All our teachers are certified native speakers with over 10 years of teaching experience.
Many also have experience of teaching Business English at the University of Applied Sciences (Hochschule) Düsseldorf.

Small Classes

Our courses only have 1 – 8 students so
we can ensure that you will learn in a
comfortable and supportive environment.



Online Course Options

We offer a range of options to do courses online with our native English teachers.
There is also a huge library of online
content available.



Grammar & Vocabulary

Our courses are designed to maxmise both learning and using  vocabulary and grammar as much as possible.
With all our course you will be able to deepen your knowledge of the English language so you can actually make progress.

Fluency & Pronunciation

We maximise spoken English as much as possible so you can gain confidence with
your speaking and pronunciation.
Our courses are designed to promote fluency so you can start using any new grammar and vocabulary very quickly.

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About Us

English Network is a communication institute located in Düsseldorf. As a language school we offer English courses for Business, General and Academic English.

Our English courses focus on all skills – reading, listening, writing and speaking. We also focus on grammar and vocabulary in our English classes so students can be confident in making progress at their level.

English Network offers English courses at all levels from beginner to advanced (A1 – C2).

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