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Individual Course Program

All our students get an individual course program which matches their level.
For example, if you are an intermediate level, you will get a program which matches your intermediate level.
Your course program will show you what activities and classes are scheduled for you and where you are exactly in your course.
The course program is our guarantee that you will learn new things and improve no matter what you level you are at.





Study Room

This is the place where you take the time to learn the building blocks of the English language.
With a teacher at your side, we will go over grammar and vocabulary topics with you to deepen your language knowledge.
We will also take the time to develop your reading, listening and writing skills so that you will make progress at each step.

+ Grammar  + Vocabulary

+ Reading  + Listening

+ Writing

Communication Classes

This is where you practice in classes entirely focused on spoken interactions.
In these classes we focus on verbalising your grammar and vocabulary knowledge from the study room so you will develop and build confidence in your speaking skills.
We will focus on improving fluency as well as your English pronunciation.

+ Speaking  

+ Pronunciation

+Learning Management



Our Levels & Methodology

Everything from Beginner to Advanced

Our levels cover the whole spectrum of English language learning with beginner, intermediate and even very advanced levels. At all of our 10 levels, you will perfect your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. You will be able to master English pronunciation, expand your vocabulary and deepen your grammar knowledge at each step.



Our Principles & Concepts

The reasons why we are different

Communication Focus

We know that in order to learn English properly you need to be able to speak well.
Our activities in class are designed to be fully communicative so you can practise your speaking skills extensively to build up your pronunciation and fluency.
This teaching method is called Communicative Language Teaching (CLT).

Customised Activities

We know that each student is different and everyone has different goals and expectations.
Our activities and courses are designed to be adapted to each individual student therefore you will be able to learn about the topics which are most relevant to you.
This teaching method is called Dogme.


Grammar Knowledge

We understand the importance of mastering English grammar.
We are grammar experts and can show you how you can learn and use grammar effectively for any situation and level.
We use a grammatical method called Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL).

Research & Development

We keep researching in order to make progress and to stay up to date,
We are constantly developing brand new ideas and methods to add to our language courses by studying areas of Social Science.
 Social science involves communication, learning, thinking and human interaction in the fields of linguistics, education, psychology and sociology.

Best Results

We understand that having goals is crucial when learning English.
We have developed a range of activities which can show you how to achieve your best at each level and how you can reach your goals effectively.
This teaching method is called Demand High.

Learning Management

How do you know where you are with your English level? How can you work out your strengths and weaknesses?
Our innovative Management system can show you how to correct mistakes and get a good feel for the language. Our management system will also show you how you can monitor your English level so you always know exactly where you are making progress.


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About Us

English Network is a communication institute located in Düsseldorf and offers lessons face-to-face and online. As a language school we offer English courses for Business, General and Academic English.

We have Communication Classes to practice your speaking and pronunciation skills. We also have a Study Room where you can improve your grammar and vocabulary as well as your reading, listening and writing skills.

English Network offers English courses at all levels from beginner to advanced (A1 – C2). We guarantee that whatever your level is, you will make progress and improve your English.

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